Meditate Without MeditatingWhen you meditate, or use self hypnosis for that matter, it doesn’t always have to look like you are meditating. That’s right, you can be mindful and use self hypnosis in most of your daily activities. With mindfulness hypnosis you can vacuum, wash your dishes, brush your teeth or work in your garden and give yourself positive suggestions and focus on the outcome of those suggestions. Of course it is great to mediate and use hypnosis while seated quietly for longer periods of time, but I love being mindful when I ride my bike or pound nails into my new deck boards. Be mindful of the waves of pleasure in your daily life.

How To Meditate Without Meditating At All

Your meditation doesn’t have to emulate the Buddha’s 49-day retreat. Whether you think there’s no time for a mindfulness meditation practice, or the concept of sitting in stillness is more daunting than restful, there are still ways to reap the benefits of the ancient art.

That’s right — you can manifest an informal practice within your daily habits. You don’t have to change your routine all that much: All it takes is tweaking your intention.

Informal mindfulness practices are ones in which you pay attention to your moment-to-moment experience. These are “everyday actives of life that can support the cultivation of mindfulness,” writes Karen Kissel Wegela, Ph.D. on Psychology Today. “When we engage in these activities, especially if we are willing to let go of distractions like listening to an iPod or playing the car radio, they give us the chance to tune into what is happening right now. We can pay attention to our sense perceptions, our emotions, and our thoughts.”

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I teach almost every client the Light Switch self hypnosis technique because I believe that it is an effective tool for taking control of the trance you are in. You can also manifest an informal practice of self hypnosis and meditation within your daily habits. With mindfulness hypnosis you can be open to the experience of the present moment.

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I am open to the experience of the present moment.

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