Meditation instead of detention

Meditation instead of detention only makes sense. Over the years I’ve taught hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation to many school age kids.

Often these kids were acting up in school, and frequently labeled ADD/ADHD. My approach was that these kids were almost always very gifted and creative children that loved to learn new skills like hypnosis to help them succeed.

If you have kids that are struggling in school (and/or at home), hypnosis may help. One of the great benefits of online hypnosis is that parents and these kids don’t have to get in the car and drive to one more appointment. Mom & Dad get to stay home and the child gets some beneficial computer time.

If you have a child that might benefit from hypnosis, give me a call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

School Sends Kids to Meditation instead of Detention, with Amazing Results

Enlightened Consciousness, Andrea Johnson, May 30, 2019: “For the students that have been referred there by teachers, the specialists would spend about 5 minutes in targeted discussion and then a further 15 minutes with them doing appropriate mindful exercises, which could range from breathing to simple yoga exercises.

The Mindful Moment help students overcome the trauma they might have faced, which causes them to act out. Some of these students have seen violence, even seen people get murdered. The Mindful Moment helps them be aware and release it, by arming them with the tools to let it go.

How awesome is this, since the Mindful Moment program started, not a single student has been suspended.”

Read: School Sends Kids to Meditation instead of Detention, with Amazing Results

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