I know that many of you watch shows like The Biggest Loser so I wanted you to meet Sylvia. She is a participant in the Meals For Health Program of the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. Sylvia suffered with Fibromyalgia and with diseases related to obesity such as diabetes and arthritis. Sylvia joined the Meals For Health Program which is a plant-based food program that has allowed her to change her lifestyle, lose weight, reduce pain, increase mobility and to improve her health. Programs like The Biggest Loser are about dieting and use extreme techniques to rapidly lose weight. Programs like the Meals For Health Program and Slender For Life™ offer you a safe, healthy sane and long-lasting way to take weight off and most importantly, keep it off. With Slender For Life™ people learn weight loss hypnosis which allows them to change their thoughts, their emotions and their behavior so that weight loss can be long lasting.

Here is what one Slender For Life™
client wrote:

“I felt that I’d really found a place of hope. I began to believe that I really could release the weight and change my life. The biggest change of all is being able to actually ‘see’ myself at my ideal weight. The program has also offered me many tools to use in lieu of food to de-stress or to ‘check in’ with what might be going on.” ~ Caroline Jones

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If you are ready to be your biggest loser learn hypnosis for weight loss. You really can change your lifestyle so that you safely and healthfully lose weight and keep it off.

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