Memorize Joy

Memorize Joy? What is that? For the past 7 months I’ve been writing about the Greatest Expression of You process. I have mentioned how important it is to Memorize Joy but I’ve not given it the attention it deserves.

Memorize Joy is about making joy and happiness a habit. It’s about overcoming the anger, hurt, fear and sadness that have become habitual.


What have you hardwired?

The title of my March 20, 2016, post is Becoming the Greatest Expression of You. In this post I wrote that, “When we are thinking the same thoughts, having the same emotions and acting out the same behaviors, neurons in the body repeatedly fire to each other – especially when emotion is involved. These thoughts and emotions become addictive and keep us stuck in the same patterns of behavior.”

I also wrote that, “What you repeatedly think about and what you focus your attention on is what you neurologically become. According to neuroscience you can mold and shape the neurological framework of yourself by the repeated attention you give to any one thing.”

In other words, if you are living with disempowering thoughts and the emotions of anger, hurt, fear and sadness they are part of who you are. They are an aspect of your personality. These thoughts have become automatic. It’s become your fallback persona. They have become hardwired. But, you can change that!

Fire and wire Joy

In Joyfully BE the Greatest Expression of You I wrote about how to fire and wire joy. I asked that you “Take a moment right now and bring to mind the time(s) in your life when you experienced the greatest joy. Was it a first kiss with your sweetheart? Was it the first dance at your wedding? Was it the birth of a child? Was it holding your new puppy and smelling that sweet puppy breath? Were you skiing down a mountain or standing on a mountain top? Is it spending time with your grandchildren? Maybe you were flying a kite or riding your bike.

Bring this joy to mind and allow yourself to truly appreciate it and feel it in your body. Where do you feel it in your body? What is the physical sensation you experience and how would you describe it? Does it radiate from your heart or chest? Let yourself totally experience your joy with all your senses. What do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste and feel internally and externally? Now memorize this joy and how it feels and where you feel it.”

Imagine your life of joy

Imagine what your life will be like if you step out of the old limiting thoughts and emotions and live a life of joy. In fact, right now take a moment and think on how you will be different, how your life will be different if you are living joyfully.

Notice what happens to both physical and emotional pain when you are being joyful. What happens to your overall level of stress? Notice how your breathing slows and naturally becomes deeper within your body. What will your relationships be like? When you are being joyful, it is so much easier for you to be patient and loving.

Now mentally rehearse joyfully being the Greatest Expression of You.

Memorize Joy
Memorize Joy

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My life is filled with joy!

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