Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone! My wish is that you find hope, joy and happiness this Holiday Season.

Please, share peace on earth and good will to all.

Willie K

Willie Awihilima Kahaiali’i was one of my most favorite musicians. Sadly, he died in May of this year from cancer but his music will live on. In 1986 we hired Willie K for the grand opening of a video store on Maui – he was awesome and I have followed him ever since. May you have a Holy Night!

Amabile Choir Bainbridge Island

I was thrilled when I found the Bainbridge Island Amabile Choir online. The choir consists of Bainbridge friends and Sylvia Cauter, the director and conductor was once our neighbor. You can find out more about the Amabile Choir here.

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I share peace on earth and good will to all.

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