Messing things up

Messing things up is part of the human experience. Even when you are doing your best to be your best, you’re going to mess up. And, that’s OK. You are human.

When I say that it’s “OK” that you mess up, I’m not suggesting that you use it as an excuse or free pass. I am suggesting acceptance. Acceptance that you are less than perfect. That you are doing your best and that your best is often not perfect.

Messing things up may look like forgetting something important, or that you said the wrong thing, or simply made a mistake. Sometimes messing up is no big deal and sometimes it requires that you make amends.

What I frequently hear from someone who has messed up is an abundance of negative self-talk and self-punishment that creates more stress, anxiety and ultimately serves no one. This leads to a return of firing and wiring old neurons that you’ve been working at disconnecting and moves you away from being your Best Self.

Messing things up

Messing up joyfully

When there has been no harm, messing up joyfully can be a wonderfully self-forgiving release. When you realize that you have messed up, the ability to giggle or even laugh at yourself can help you to not take yourself so seriously. You can acknowledge that you messed up and focus on taking corrective action without getting caught up in the drama of self-flagellation that serves no one.

Joy goes beyond jubilation

I suggest to you that the definition of joy goes beyond jubilation, happiness and glee. When you are being the Greatest Express of You, joy is an emotion evoked by well-being. It’s a trust in God and a trust in Self. It’s a knowingness that even in the midst of hurt, pain and sorrow there is still beauty and loveliness to be found.

When you make amends with someone you’ve wronged from a place of joyfully being your Best Self, your words and deeds are heartfelt. Your recompense can be more fully experienced by the other person and by yourself.

Make your future greater than your past by Being the Greatest Expression of You. Open yourself to a wonderful and blessed new future full of love and joy – even when you mess things up!

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I open myself to a wonderful and blessed new future full of love and joy.

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