Michael Ellner and Roger Moore

Michael Ellner and Roger Moore know that people who feel better – Heal Better! Our lighthearted approach to helping clients with serious issues is based on our extensive experience helping people with life-threatening and chronic conditions. We combine our many years’ experience coaching and mentoring hundreds of hypnotists at every level of practice.

You will learn:

  • To better utilize Direct and Indirect Suggestions
  • Developing hypnotic ritual to reframe your client’s story
  • How to craft a hypnotic metaphor in the moment utilizing your client’s experience
  • When, how and the benefits of utilizing physical movements and gestures during a hypnotic session
  • The art and science of employing the latest research in neuroscience in your hypnosis practice
Michael Ellner and Roger Moore

Enhance your skills and your hypnosis practice

Together, Michael Ellner and Roger Moore have almost 60 years of successful clinical and medical hypnosis experience. We will tell you how you can get more referrals for your hypnosis practice, and increase your business.

And better yet, we will teach you how you can help other people and even help yourself, to live a better life by using hypnosis to feel better and heal better.

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