Life happens and I am sorry to say that it has happened with Michael Gordon’s weight loss hypnosis journey. Circumstances have changed for Michael and unfortunately he has to stop his hypnosis for weight loss sessions with Slender For Life™ until January. I fully believe that Michael can lose weight. Hypnosis is the perfect tool. Weight loss self-hypnosis can be a powerful change agent, but life circumstances will continue to evolve. At Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island hypnosis weight loss and with on-line hypnosis I support clients in achieving their weight loss goals, even as life happens.

A few weeks ago, Michael Gordon (a pseudonym for a real person living in the Twin cities) contacted me about wanting to lose weight with Slender For Life™. After several emails and a phone call, we scheduled a weight loss consultation. At the conclusion of the consultation I had a recommended program plan that began with weekly sessions. Michael received my book, Becoming Slender For Life, its hypnosis CD set and the DVD from Dr. John McDougall, Total Health Solution. He also completed the Inner Diet Assessment. We had his first session which lasted for 90 minutes and it went really well. The day before his second session, I received an email stating that Michael was in bed with the flu and we postponed his second session for a week. Here is an email I received from Michael the following week on the morning of his second session:

Hi Roger,

I do have a favor to ask. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this whole program and I think it would be better use of your time and mine if we waited until January to begin the program in earnest.

I’m unable to devote the time to it right now, as my wife has a stress fracture on her right foot and is unable to bear weight for the next two months. She is relegated to crutches and I’m having to play chauffeur, getting her back and forth to the University every day. She has more than 150 students, so this involves trucking 2 or 3 file size boxes back and forth from school to home. Obviously, she can’t do this by herself. Meals are also falling on me and, as you know, cooking from scratch takes a lot more time. This also means I’m not able to exercise as I had planned.

If she stays off of her foot for six to eight weeks, she should be fine after the first of the year. So my schedule should be back to normal then.

I’m disappointed, as I was ready to rumble right now. I hope it doesn’t inconvenience you, but maybe this will free up some time for another client.

Life does have its funny twists and turns. And I’m learning to bend with them, if you know what I mean.

Thanks, Roger.

My heart goes out to Michael and his wife and I wish her a speedy recovery. I wish them peace and calm during this time of recovery.

There are ways we could modify my recommended program for Michael that might work for him until January, but he has chosen to wait and start over. One of the comments that I frequently hear about Slender For Life™ is that I go the extra mile with clients and adapt their hypnosis for weight loss program as circumstances in their life changes. There are some situations, where a client decides that they just can’t continue with Slender For Life™ and manage the new circumstances in their life. Most of the time, these clients do return when circumstances change.

One of the many weight loss hypnosis tools included with Slender For Life™ is, as Michael says, bending with life’s funny twists and turns. On most any diet, one can lose weight. Hypnosis can be used in so many other areas of life including managing stress.

Michael has my book, Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set support him with his weight loss journey through the holidays. He can also continue with the DVD from Dr. John McDougall, Total Health Solution and has the Inner Diet Assessment. When we continue with Slender For Life™ in January, he will learn weight loss self-hypnosis and will  have the hypnotherapy tools to keep weight off.

I look forward to January when Michael can resume with Slender For Life™ and in the mean time I am available for both on-line hypnosis and telephone support. No matter where you live, we can design a weight loss self-hypnosis program for you.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I breathe, I relax and I bend with the flow of life.

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