This lecture, From Operating Table to Dining Room Table,  with Dr. Michael Klaper, is a must see. Its one that I will be recommending to family, friends and clients for a long time to come. You may be thinking, “OK, I get it, but I could never eat like that. My family and friends eat the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) and I just don’t think I could be successful.” Folks, this is where hypnosis comes in. When you use self-hypnosis you can change your food likes and dislikes and you you can easily resists family pressures and the temptations of fatty and sugary food.

Michael Klaper MD – From Operating Table to Dining Room Table

Dr. Michael Klaper discusses the role of a physician in dietary health and the impact of nutrition on health at the February, 2012, Advanced Study Weekend presented by Doctor John and Mary McDougall.

Michael Klaper MD – From Operating Table to
Dining Room Table

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