You have probably smiled at some of the “Got Milk?” ads, but you certainly don’t need  milk or any other dairy product. I was thrilled to read this NY Times opinion on my iPhone while waiting for the ferry last week. For almost all of human history most humans never tasted fresh milk from any source other than their mother. Researchers like Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) have proven that “It’s worth noting that milk and other dairy products are our biggest source of saturated fat, and there are very credible links between dairy consumption and both Type 1 diabetes and the most dangerous form of prostate cancer.” Having grown up on a dairy farm and a former cheese addict I remember my horror and disbelief at the thought of giving up dairy. But, after doing my own research, self hypnosis made it easy. You too can learn hypnosis and change your nutritional lifestyle. 

Got Milk? You Don’t Need It


The New York Times Opinionator – A Gathering of Opinion From Around the Web, July 7, 2012, 3:56 pm

When I was growing up, drinking milk at every meal, I had a chronic upset stomach. (Channeling my inner Woody Allen, I’ll note that I was therefore treated as a neurotic, which, in fairness, I was anyway.) In adolescence, this became chronic heartburn, trendily known as GERD or acid reflux, and that led to a lifelong Tums habit (favorite flavor: wintergreen) and an adult dependence on Prevacid, a proton-pump inhibitor. Which, my gastroenterologist assured me, is benign. (Wrong.)

Fortunately my long-term general practitioner, Sidney M. Baker, author of “Detoxification and Healing,” insisted that I make every attempt to break the Prevacid addiction. Thus followed a seven-year period of trials of various “cures,” including licorice pills, lemon juice, antibiotics, famotidine (Pepcid) and almost anything else that might give my poor, sore esophagus some relief. At some point, Dr. Baker suggested that despite my omnivorous diet I consider a “vacation” from various foods.

So, three months ago, I decided to give up dairy products as a test. Twenty-four hours later, my heartburn was gone. Never, it seems, to return. In fact, I can devour linguine puttanesca (with anchovies) and go to bed an hour later; fellow heartburn sufferers will be impressed. Perhaps equally impressive is that I mentioned this to a friend who had the same problem, tried the same approach, and had the same results. Presto! No dairy, no heartburn! (A third had no success. Hey, it’s not a controlled double-blind experiment, but there is no downside to trying it.)

Conditions like mine are barely on the radar. Although treating heartburn is a business worth more than $10 billion a year, the solution may be as simple as laying off dairy. (Which, need I point out, is free.) What’s clear is that the widespread existence of lactose intolerance, says Dr. Baker, is “a pretty good sign that we’ve evolved to drink human milk when we’re babies but have no need for the milk of any animals. And no matter what you call a chronic dairy problem – milk allergy, milk intolerance, lactose intolerance – the action is the same: avoid all foods derived from milk for at least five days and see what happens.”

Read Got Milk? You Don’t Need It

While you may find enjoyment from that cheese or ice cream that you like so much, it will only make you fat and sick. The truth is that green vegetables, such as kale and broccoli, are better than milk as calcium sources. Clinical research shows that dairy products have little or no benefit for bones so drinking milk will not help prevent osteoporosis. Scientific investigators are linking the epidemics of prostate cancer, digestive problems, and other ills to our habitual consumption of milk.

Are you one of those that intellectually and innately knows that milk and other dairy products make you fat and sick but consume them anyway? Do you think that you could never live without that butter, cheese or ice cream? What if it were surprisingly easy? What if you one day realized it had been weeks or months since you even though about any dairy product? What if you simply had a large amount of no desire for dairy?

It all begins with your choice, your decision to live a life of health and wellness. When you make that choice, you can learn self hypnosis and create a large desire for water, vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

Water helps you maintain your good health. So, as Mark Bittman says, pass the water!

Read Dairy Products Do Not Promote Bone Health

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Water helps me maintain my good health.

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