In the Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices of Slender For Life™ I frequently talk about the hidden costs of milk. And, I have written numerous posts about the fact that dairy products do not promote bone health. As a child, I lived on a dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota and have many wonderful memories of farm life, drinking raw milk and living on cookies and ice cream. My white bread had a thick coating of very fat butter. As a result, I was exposed to tuberculosis and I was an obese child. As a young adult, I could move through a brick of cheddar cheese in a day or two. Thanks to hypnosis for weight loss, plant based eating and exercise, I am now 110 pounds lighter.

Hidden Costs of Milk

The dairy industry has spent millions of dollars marketing these medically-unproven health benefits. And while many U.S. physicians warn that the dangers of drinking milk exceed the health benefits, consumers seem to be convinced that milk truly “does the body good”. Milk consumption worldwide is on the rise and the global milk industry has reached a record height of $116 billion. Dairy producers are happy and eager to keep up with the demand.

Unfortunately, the only farmers who can are often relying on antibiotics and growth hormones to get the most milk out of the fewest cows. Today’s industrial dairy cows can now produce over 20,000 lbs of milk each year, but the cost of mega-farming methods are high. These chemicals are harmful not only to dairy cows and milk drinkers, but also to the plants and animals that are exposed to the 36,000 lbs of toxic manure each cow produces annually.

Milk truly does your body, the environment and the economy harm.  Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you to change your harmful food preferences so that you eat and drink plant strong food that promotes your health and wellness. Learn weight loss hypnosis so that you too can eat and drink plant strong and do your body good.

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