Milk increases mortality risk by 93 percentDrinking 3 or 4 glasses of milk per day increases mortality risk by 93% and  increases risk of hip fracture by 60%. Clinical research shows that dairy products have little or no benefit for bones. Milk and dairy products are not necessary in the diet and can, in fact, be harmful to health. There are many excellent non-dairy milk choices now that it is really easy to find one that you like – often when people switch from cow’s milk I hear that they actually prefer almond, rice or hemp milk over cow’s milk. A whole food plant based lifestyle can improve your health and is easily sustainable when you learn self hypnosis.

For almost 19 years I have been teaching self hypnosis to people who want to improve their health with a plant based lifestyle. Are you eating and drinking dairy products? And, what about your kids? Are you really giving them milk, cheese, butter and ice cream – foods that are know to make you fat and sick? Is that really what you want for yourself and for your family? No matter where you may live, give me a call or send me an email and find out how you too can learn hypnosis to create a large amount of no desire.

Health Concerns about Dairy Products

Many Americans, including some vegetarians, still consume substantial amounts of dairy products—and government policies still promote them—despite scientific evidence that questions their health benefits and indicates their potential health risks.
Bone Health

Calcium is an important mineral that helps to keep bones strong. Our bones are constantly remodeling, meaning the body takes small amounts of calcium from the bones and replaces it with new calcium. Therefore, it is essential to have enough calcium so that the body doesn’t decrease bone density in this remodeling process. Though calcium is necessary for ensuring bone health, the actual benefits of calcium intake do not exist after consumption passes a certain threshold. Consuming more than approximately 600 milligrams per day—easily achieved without dairy products or calcium supplements—does not improve bone integrity.1

Clinical research shows that dairy products have little or no benefit for bones. A 2005 review published in Pediatrics showed that milk consumption does not improve bone integrity in children.2 In a more recent study, researchers tracked the diets, physical activity, and stress fracture incidences of adolescent girls for seven years, and concluded that dairy products and calcium do not prevent stress fractures in adolescent girls.3 Similarly, the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, which followed more than 72,000 women for 18 years, showed no protective effect of increased milk consumption on fracture risk.1

It is possible to decrease the risk of osteoporosis by reducing sodium intake in the diet,4,5 increasing intake of fruits and vegetables,5,6 and ensuring adequate calcium intake from plant foods such as kale, broccoli, and other leafy green vegetables and beans. You can also use calcium-fortified products such as breakfast cereals and juices. Soybeans and fortified orange juice are two examples of products which provide about the same amount of calcium per serving as milk or other dairy products.7

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to increase bone density and decrease the risk of osteoporosis,8,9 and its benefits have been observed in studies of both children and adults.8,10-11

Read Health Concerns about Dairy Products

Pure, clean water is a precious gift. Drink it abundantly and gratefully.There is no biological requirement for cow’s milk and there is a lack of evidence for any benefits from milk consumption. And, drinking low-fat milk may actually only make matters worse. Milk does not grow strong bones and studies show that it may increase the risk of cancer and promote weight gain. The idea that milk builds strong bones is big business and politics at their worst and patently false.

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Pure, clean water is a precious gift.
I drink it abundantly and gratefully.

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