Five milk myths debunkedI was pleased to read Dr. Barnard’s blog where he debunked five milk myths. The dairy industry funds deceptive studies that perpetuate the dangerous milk myths that have become a part of the Standard American Diet. MILK DOES NOT BUILD STRONG BONES! The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has been fact checking the dairy and meat industries for more than 20 years. The truth is that women who drink milk have a 60% increased risk of developing hip fractures. In spite of what the dairy industry produced posters say in our schools, no body needs milk.

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White Lies? Five Milk Myths Debunked

Neal Barnard, MD, February 11, 2016: Last month, a study was called into question for suggesting that chocolate milk could be beneficial for teens recovering from concussions. Not surprisingly, the study was funded by the dairy industry. For decades, milk marketers have been spreading misleading information about the supposed health benefits of dairy products.

Thanks to these marketing campaigns, milk myths abound in our culture. But science doesn’t support them. Let’s take a look at five common claims about dairy products:

Myth 1: Milk builds strong bones.
Myth 2: Drinking milk can help you lose weight.
Myth 3: Milk is “nature’s perfect food.”
Myth 4: Kids need milk to be healthy.
Myth 5: Milk is heart-healthy.

Read White Lies? Five Milk Myths Debunked

In post dated January 20, 2016, Dr. Barnard writes, “There are many other health reasons for everyone to ditch dairy, including increased risk for cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers, bone fractures, and death. The dairy industry’s health claims are not only deceitful, they are dangerous. It’s why we’ve spent decades working to expose milk myths.”

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