It’s mind over menopause hypnosis can be very effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Hypnosis is a mind-body intervention that is of significant benefit  in treatment of hot flashes and other benefits may include reduced anxiety and improved sleep. Further, hypnosis may be a preferred treatment because of the few side effects and the preference of many women for a non-hormonal therapy. As you undoubtedly know, hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness where it is possible to decrease the perception of an experience. This is very true with the symptoms  of Menopause. Suggestions increase the client’s ability to cope with those symptoms. The purpose of self-hypnosis as a technique for managing Menopause is to help the client gain more control over their specific  symptoms, emotions and physical well-being.

Zoilita Grant is joining me today on Seattle’s KKNW 1150 AM at 3:00 PM to tell us about her Mind Over Menopause hypnosis program. Mind Over Menopause is a powerful program that facilitates women in managing Menopause. I am proud to use Zoilita’s Mind Over Menopause and I have witnessed the powerful healing that this program offers using hypnosis.

Tune to KKNW 1150 AM or listen here on Hypnosis Health Info Mind Over Menopause Show # 7.