Mindful Movement

This article on mindful movement caught my attention. For years now I’ve taught self-hypnosis and I have said that when you can’t sit down and close your eyes, go ahead and be mindful, be present and give yourself the hypnosis suggestions that you want while you are on the move.

When you are walking into a meeting, you may not have time even for 1-minute of closed-eye self-hypnosis. But, as you are walking through the door, you can give yourself suggestions about being calm, relaxed, energized, focused and having easy recall of the information needed for the meeting.

I’ve often said that as I am riding my bike up a hill I can either be focused on how difficult it is and how I can’t do it. Or, I can give myself hypnosis suggestions about my legs being strong powerful pistons and that I have all the strength, energy and stamina I need to climb this hill. Either way, it is hypnosis – and I certainly don’t close my eyes while riding my bike!

To me, the real take-away here is that you can be mindful, you can be purposeful while on the go. You don’t have to take 30 minutes in the lotus position to receive value from mindfulness practices like hypnosis.

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Mindful Movement

Mindfulness Meditation Too Boring? Try Mindful Movement To Shed Stress, Anxiety

Ben Renner, February 13, 2019: “The practice of mindfulness is often associated with meditation, a combination that studies have shown can offer positive mental health benefits. But what happens when one combines mindfulness with more physical activities? A study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University shows that practicing mindful movement can lower anxiety and stress.”

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