Feel less pain

Since 1997, I’ve been teaching mindfulness self-hypnosis so that clients can feel less pain. Stanford studies show that hypnosis can help you to have better control over body function and pain perception.

In studies of women with metastatic breast cancer, the patients who used self-hypnosis reported half the level of pain as women in the control group.

According to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, “Mindfulness is related to being aware of the present moment without too much emotional reaction or judgment. We now know that some people are more mindful than others, and those people seemingly feel less pain.”

If you are living with chronic pain, find out how you too can feel less pain with mindfulness hypnosis. We can meet online from wherever you may be. Give me a call at (206) 903-1232 ore send me an email and find out how hypnosis can help you.

Feel less pain

‘Mindful people’ feel less pain; MRI imaging pinpoints supporting brain activity

“Now we have some new ammunition to target this brain region in the development of effective pain therapies. Importantly this work shows that we should consider one’s level of mindfulness when calculating why and how one feels less or more pain,” Zeidan said. “Based on our earlier research, we know we can increase mindfulness through relatively short periods of mindfulness meditation training, so this may prove to be an effective way to provide pain relief for the millions of people suffering from chronic pain.”

Read ‘Mindful people’ feel less pain; MRI imaging pinpoints supporting brain activity

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Science Daily

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