Mindfulness Focused Support at Parkinson’s Resource Organization

I am excited to again begin our Parkinson’s Resource Organization Mindfulness Focused Support Group online on September 19. 2023 at 2:00 PM PDT.

Dive into our Parkinson’s Resource Organization Mindfulness Focused Support Group, dedicated to those touched by Parkinson’s – whether you’re living with the disease, offering care, or grieving a lost loved one. Every story resonates with strength, resilience, and inspiration, though each journey is distinct.

Our emphasis on Mindful techniques paves the path for:

  • Being fully present in each moment
  • Transforming discomfort and pain into solace
  • Overcoming inhibiting emotions such as fear and anxiety
  • Cultivating well-being and inner peace
  • Embracing acceptance and re-envisioning hope
  • Utilizing self-hypnosis as a tool for self-care

By joining us, you get a chance to both share and acquire novel mindfulness techniques designed to optimize life quality.

It’s noteworthy to mention that research points towards Medical Hypnosis as a potential treatment strategy for Parkinson’s. Incorporating daily self-hypnosis sessions can notably assist in managing Parkinsonian tremors.


Enlightening sessions ~ Reap the benefits

Our enlightening sessions will cover, discuss, and instruct on:

  • Self-hypnosis mastery
  • The wonders of Neuroplasticity
  • Breathwork for calmness
  • Techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Additional mindfulness strategies tailored for daily Parkinson’s challenges

Join us and reap the benefits:

Connect and share your personal journey
Combat feelings of isolation
Exchange valuable insights
Provide and receive support, hope, and encouragement
Boost your self-worth
Strategies for handling trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue


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Integrative Medical Hypnosis for Parkinson’s Disease

Integrative Medical Hypnosis shows promise in mitigating Parkinson’s Disease (PD) symptoms. Notable benefits include potential tremor alleviation and relief from muscle rigidity and pain. Furthermore, many PD patients have experienced improved sleep patterns due to hypnotherapy, escaping nights of restlessness and reclaiming peaceful rest.

Yet, PD’s impact isn’t solely physical. The emotional strain of the disease—manifested as stress, depression, and anxiety—is formidable. Hypnosis offers relief here, providing a mental sanctuary and addressing the emotional challenges head-on. Preliminary findings even hint at hypnotherapy enhancing motor functions and sharpening cognitive abilities, emphasizing its potential multifaceted role in PD management.

If you are living with Parkinson’s Disease

If you are living with Parkinson’s Disease or have other health challenges, call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

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I trust in my body’s innate wisdom and ability to find balance.

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