Mindfulness and Hypnosis How to Revolutionize Your HypnosisRevolutionize Your Changework with Mindfulness and Hypnosis taught by Richard Nongard and Roger Moore. Hypnotherapists & Mental Health Professionals can receive 6 Hours of Approved CEU Credit. Both Richard and Roger teach almost every client who they treat, a core strategy for mindful living and integrate these resources into effective hypnotic induction, suggestion and change work. Mindfulness is a strategy for helping clients live fully in the present, despite traumatic past events or future uncertainty. Mindfulness is a meditation strategy, that can become a core component of how we teach clients self-hypnosis. It can be a strategy for ending impulsivity, judgment and self-defeating behaviors. If you work with weight loss clients, nicotine withdrawal, anxiety  management of pain control, you will want to take this workshop.

In this workshop you will learn:

1.) How mindfulness mediation can be used as a highly effective tool for hypnotic induction

2.) You will learn how to train your clients in mindfulness as a problem-solving tool

3.) You will learn methods and techniques for using mindfulness in hypnosis with obese clients, addicted clients and a variety of other clients.

4.) You will learn why mindfulness is considered one of the most effective tools for pain control- and we will provide you with the research to back this up.

5.) You will learn an 8 stage model of structuring individual and group hypnosis sessions that can both help clients make lasting change and help you create a profitable practice.

6.) You will learn the single best tool, for getting corporate stress management training opportunities, and bringing hypnotherapy to new and diverse audiences

Now only $99.00 for complete 6 hour course

ICBCH Ceertificate

You will get printable scripts, resources and an ICBCH Certificate of Completion and 6 hours of CEU credit. Watch 24/7 in our Video-On-Demand Center

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