Are you an impulse shopper?

If so, mindfulness hypnosis can help you curb your impulse spending.  Fairly frequently an existing client will tell me that they’ve experienced an added bonus to the medical hypnosis, weight loss or other mindfulness hypnosis therapy that we are doing. They’ve noticed that they no longer are impulse spending – it’s as if the need to impulse shop just disappeared.

Hypnosis allowed them to make healthy choices and to be aware of their thoughts and emotions.

Several times each year I am contacted by someone who has a shopping addiction or other form of impulse spending. Most recently, it was someone in Europe.

I am out of control

This woman, (I’ll call her Beth), and I met online earlier this year via the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office. Beth shared with me that she had run up huge debts on their charge cards. Her husband was hurt, angry and scared wondering how they were ever going to recover. It was ruining her marriage, distracting her at work, preventing her kids from opportunities and experiences that cost money. She was out of control.

Hypnosis worked

I taught Beth mindfulness self-hypnosis and stress reduction techniques. She learned and used the Greatest Expression of You technique. Beth discovered that she could use hypnosis to be in control and also allow herself to feel the emotions that

she experienced in life without having to buy things to numb out.

In a thank you email this past weekend, Beth shared with me that in the past 45 days since our last session, she is happier. She and her husband are happy and she has a plan in place and is working it to pay off her debts. She is attentive now to her families needs and to her responsibilities at work. Beth is using self-hypnosis everyday and happily enjoying her life.

Step back and make choices

How ‘Mindfulness’ can Curb Impulse Spending

Fox Business, by Kelly Dilworth, August 19, 2013: “Introducing mindfulness-based meditation to your daily routine may help you identify those personal triggers and overcome them.

By pausing to reflect, you can take a step back and make choices about what you’re going to buy based on reason, rather than impulse.

We become more aware of our urges. By being more aware of them, they don’t have the same hold over us as they used to do.”


Click to read: How ‘Mindfulness’ can Curb Impulse Spending

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I step back and make choices.

Do you have an impulse that you need to curb?

Are you addicted shopping, gambling, food, sex, pornography, internet gaming, social media, drugs or alcohol, tobacco or other unhealthy behaviors and substances? Hypnosis may be able to help you so let’s talk. Give me a call or send me an email.

Phone & internet sessions

I’ve been successfully meeting with people using phone & internet sessions for several years now. The Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office makes it so easy and so comfortable that I often forget that we are not in the same room, and frequently not even on the same continent.

If you live too far away from my Seattle Hypnosis or Bainbridge Hypnosis offices, or are unable to travel, this is the perfect solution.

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