Slender For Life™ clients have heard me talking about mindfulness being a key to losing weight for years. Actually, the word that I have used is conscious. Conscious choice. Conscious eating. When you eat mindfully, consciously, you do make healthier choices, you eat slower and you eat less – and you lose weight. I recently heard one women describe devouring a bowl of ice cream so fast that she had to have a second bowl because she didn’t taste the first one! Hypnosis for weight loss can help you learn to eat mindfully.

Mindfulness Key to Losing Weight
While Eating Out

Practicing Mindful Eating at Restaurants Helps Weight Loss
WebMD Health News, January 10, 2012: Focusing on the eating experience and the food in front of you may be one key to losing weight while eating out frequently at restaurants. A new study shows that older women who practiced mindful restaurant eating lost an average of nearly 4 pounds in six weeks, even though they were only trying to maintain their weight. Women who practiced mindful eating at restaurants also ate fewer calories and fat grams per day and were better able to stick to their weight management goals.

The mindful eating program consisted of six weekly, two-hour small group sessions that included:

  • Discussion of general principles of weight management
  • Working out weekly personal weight goals
  • Planning meals at favorite restaurants using calorie and fat information
  • Learning how to visualize portion sizes
  • The women were also instructed in the practice of mindful eating meditation. The two key aspects were:
  • Focusing on awareness of the sight, smell, and texture of the eating experience to maximize enjoyment and increase satisfaction with smaller portion sizes.
  • A series of guided mindfulness meditations to foster relaxation and focus awareness on hunger, taste, stomach fullness, and eating triggers. For example, one meditation had participants explore their fullness before and after drinking a bottle of water.

At the end of the six-week study, the women who practiced mindful eating lost an average of 3.7 pounds, while the comparison group didn’t have any significant weight loss. In addition, the mindful eating group reduced their daily calorie intake by about 297 calories. But researchers say only about 124 of that calorie reduction was accounted for during eating out, which indicates fewer calories were also eaten at home.

Read Mindfulness Key to Losing Weight While Eating Out

Food should taste good. You should enjoy the taste, the smell, the texture of food. Eating should be a sensuous experience. When you eat slowly, mindfully, consciously, you can lose weight. Learn hypnosis for weight loss so you can eat mindfully and enjoy the sensuousness of food and lose weight.

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