I am frequently asked about how mindfulness meditation based techniques like self hypnosis works in the brain. Mindfulness practitioners gain enhanced control over sensory cortical alpha rhythms that help regulate how the brain processes and filters sensations, including pain, and memories such as depressive cognitions. Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis clients learn mindful hypnosis to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression and to boost the immune system improving overall health and wellness. Mindful hypnosis can help you with being present and conscious in the moment so that you can make healthier decisions for weight loss and other lifestyle choices.

Mindfulness Meditation:
How It Works In The Brain

Mindfulness may be so successful in helping with a range of conditions, from depression to pain, by working as a sort of “volume knob” for sensations.

In their paper, published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, the researchers proposed that mindfulness meditation works by enabling a person to have better control over brain processing of pain and emotions.

Specifically, the researchers postulate that mindfulness meditation plays a role in the controlling of cortical alpha rhythms, which have been shown in brain imaging studies to play a role in what senses our bodies and minds pay attention to.

“We think we’re the first group to propose an underlying neurophysiological mechanism that directly links the actual practice of mindful awareness of breath and body sensations to the kinds of cognitive and emotional benefits that mindfulness confers.”

Read Mindfulness Meditation: How It Works In The Brain

Mindfulness meditation training in awareness of present moment experience, such as body and breath sensations, prevents depression and reduces distress in chronic pain. Mindfulness hypnosis techniques helps you to be in control of your health and wellness and maximize your body’s natural ability to heal and to be healthy. Learn mindful self hypnosis.

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