Mindfulness is all about paying attention. Clients in my Bainbridge Island hypnosis and Seattle hypnosis offices learn that by using self hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation and other self empowerment tools, you can take back the power given away to stress, people, work, food, cigarettes, life and what ever else you may have let control you in the past. By being mindful, you can in the moment be “OK”. From the place of mindfulness, you can handle the stressors that life present to you. When you learn hypnosis, you can be mindful and change your thoughts and change your emotions. You can change your old thoughts and behaviors and write a new story…reprogramming the computer of your life.

Dean Ornish On Mindfulness

Dean Ornish says that “Mindfulness is just the practice of paying attention to something. Meditation helps to promote mindfulness, because when you pay attention to something you do it better.

And on the sensual level, when you pay more attention to something, whether it is food, music, sex, art, or massage, you enjoy it more fully and you don’t need as much of it to get an even greater amount of pleasure.

Pay attention to how things affect you. Then your choices come out of your own experience. It’s not just because some book-writing doctor told you to change. You change because you connect the dots between what you do and how you feel.

When you exercise, eat healthier, and meditate, many changes occur — quickly. You think more clearly. You have more energy and you need less sleep. Your skin doesn’t wrinkle as much. Your heart gets more blood, so you have more stamina. And your sexual organs get more blood, so you have more sexual energy. These changes are sustainable because they come from your own experience.“

Read Dean Ornish On Mindfulness

Are you feeling out of control in your life? Learn hypnosis so that you can be in control of you. With self hypnosis, you have the opportunity to be mindful …. to be present and conscious in the moment and know that you are “OK”. Reprogram the computer of your life and write a new story about how you live your life.

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I’m creating change by reprogramming the computer of my life.

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