Moderation or dietary purityI’ve written posts for several years about how moderation doesn’t work – or at best it leads to moderate results, but what about dietary purity? Does perfectionism work for weight loss success? Of course not. Perfectionism is a built in guarantee for failure. And, as Dr. John McDougall says, “radical change produces radical results.” To me, the goal is to closely follow a whole foods plant based lifestyle as closely as you can knowing that you won’t do it perfectly. You just do the best you can and achieve gratifying results.

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How Important is Dietary Purity?

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, October 21, 2012: “The closer we get to a plant-based diet, the lower was the risk of the chronic degenerative diseases.”

I would also make another point and this comes in part from a comment that Dr. Neal Barnard (President, Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine) once made to me. He personally found that it was easier to maintain a plant based diet when he made a ‘black-and-white’ decision never to eat any animal based foods. That idea is also supported by the fact that there is scientific evidence showing that we all are prisoners of our taste preferences that have been established over many years. This includes both empirical evidence (at least for salt and fat) and mostly good theoretical evidence in regards to the demonstrated ability of the body to biologically adjust in ways to optimize health, regardless of what our diet and lifestyle happen to be. That is, our bodies attempt to survive, even in the face of adversity. This line of reasoning, it seems to me, says that once we acquire new taste preferences — as with a relatively pure plant based diet — then we both enjoy the organic benefits and the pleasure of eating (i.e., tasting). To stray means that we are reminding our bodies of our old tastes thus encouraging us to stray even more, thus to seek what we perceive to be pleasure. It’s the old story of smokers who decide to quit then every once in a while have a cigarette. It doesn’t work.

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