In spite of what Paula Deen said this week about moderation, the reality is that moderation is killing Americans. As a nation, we are fat and sick. Watch the interview with Paula Deen in my January 19, 2012, blog post and you can see that. Obesity and its related diseases like type 2 diabetes are preventable. Moderate change produces moderate results. Radical change produces radical results. Sanjay Gupta recently said that 100 hundred years from now people will look back at how Americans eat today and think that was radical. What were they thinking?! If you are ready for radical results in your life, discover what hypnosis for weight loss can do for you.

From Becoming Slender For Life

My recommendations for healthy eating are radical—and some would call them extreme. But look at it this way. Radical changes produce radical results. Small changes produce small results.

Over the years, I have consistently seen that people who make radical changes have the greatest success and tell me it was easy. They find it easier to just change, and they discover that any desire for the fatty foods that caused them to put on their excess weight very quickly vanishes. Those who make small changes are the least likely to succeed and have the most difficulty. Moderation may work for moderate people, but not for the rest of us compulsive, passionate, obsessive people.

Nutritionist Jeff Novick got this absolutely right when he wrote: “The concept of Moderation is killing Americans. On average, Americans are taking in less than 40% of the minimum recommended amounts of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and fiber. Yet, at the same time, they are taking in over 230% of the amount of saturated fat, added sugars, other fats, refined grains and sodium.

So, who can moderate?
Moderation would do absolutely nothing to improve these numbers.

What we do need is a dramatic increase in the amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains while at the same time a dramatic decrease in the amount of Sat Fat, added sugars, fats, refined grains and sodium.

Moderation is only an excuse and rationalization which is being fueled by the clever marketing and advertising of the food industry to keep us doing the things we know we shouldn’t be doing and to keep us consuming their products, which in the end, is actually a major contributor to our ill health and early death.” Becoming Slender For Life pages 127 – 128.

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