Modest Fitness May Extend Lifespan ~ So Get Active With Hypnosis

Even modest fitness may extend lifespan so use hypnosis to motivate yourself to get active. At my Seattle hypnosis office I know the importance of physical activity for health and wellness. With hypnotherapy you can create the desire to get up and move your body. Learn more about self-hypnosis and how to hypnotize yourself with my free hypnosis download.

People who stay even moderately fit as they age may live longer than those who are out-of-shape, a new study suggests. Our findings suggest that sedentary lifestyle, rather than differences in cardiovascular risk factors or age, may explain (the) two-fold higher mortality rates in the least-fit versus slightly more fit healthy individuals,” lead researcher Dr. Sandra Mandic, of the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, noted in an email to Reuters Health.

She pointed out that nearly two-thirds of the least-fit study participants were not getting the minimum recommended amount of exercise — at least 30 minutes of moderate activity, like brisk walking, on five or more days a week.

“These results emphasize the importance of improving and maintaining high fitness levels by engaging in regular physical activity,” Mandic said, “particularly in poorly fit individuals.” Read Even Modest Fitness May Extend Lifespan.

Are you curious about self-hypnosis and are you wondering how to hypnotize yourself for physical fitness? Your health and wellness are influenced by your physical activity.

Get your free hypnosis download and discover the power of hypnotherapy. You really can change your life with hypnosis. Get active with with self-hypnosis.

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I have fun and enjoy life when I am in good shape.

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