This is the end of week 6 in our life with Mom. I have been thinking on gratitude and I was reminded that aging is much about our state of mind. Out side of a couple of shopping trips for clothes, shoes and carpet and out to dinner, this week was uneventful. (That is a good thing!) I have mentioned before that I am grateful for this time with Mom, but this week has had some special moments. None of them big or earthshaking, just moments of a look, a giggle, a hug or me getting whomped in cribbage. I am also thankful for my hypnosis clients and for the readers here at Hypnosis Health Info. It is because of the mindfulness that results from self-hypnosis that I am able to be in the moment and appreciate the small things that really matter.

I received an email last Wednesday from one of my favorite Aunts that I just gotta share:

“I have to snicker at your comments about her age….like 88 is OLD… I’m 4 days short of being 1 yr older than she….AND I’M NOT OLD!!! just getting older each day. I well remember when I was thinking 40 and 50 was OLD!!! now I have sons ages 62 and 58.”

Don’t you love that attitude?! I wish we all had that attitude. I see so many people that come in to my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices that have an attitude of OLD. I have on more than one occasion been startled to realize that a new hypnosis weight loss client was my age or younger. It seems that obesity has created so many physical limitations and other health issues that they appear and act old. often, within a few weeks with the Slender For Life™ they begin to live younger.

It’s thrilling to observe the changes in Mom in just 6 weeks. She is exercising and eating vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Her meals are made with fresh ingredients (not instant and not canned). She is standing straighter, walking longer and faster, her stride is bigger. She looks healthier and is not as mentally sluggish as she was in early December. The human body amazes me. In just a few short weeks of healthy eating and exercise, Mom looks and acts younger. She is no longer eat fatty processed foods. She hasn’t been to McDonald’s or Dairy Queen since she left Colorado and she even mentioned that she didn’t miss them.

Start youthing! Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to be OLD.

Learn hypnosis and be mindful. Be grateful for the small stuff. Self-hypnosis can improve your health and wellness too. You can learn healthy behaviors at any age. If you want to learn hypnosis or are interested in hypnosis for weight loss, email or call me. No matter where you live, together, you and I, can create a program to meet your needs.

My prayer is that this week I am grateful for the small things and live life with the wonderment of a child.

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I live life with the wonderment of a child.

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