Lose Weight On The Carb-Packed "Big Breakfast" Diet Hypnosis Health InfoWell, Mom was right about how important it is to eat your breakfast. Men who skip breakfast have a 27 percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack or developing heart disease than those who start the day with something in their stomach. Now I am certainly not suggesting that you do one of those fast food egg white sandwiches that I wrote about on Tuesday. Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis clients know that you need a good hearty whole grain breakfast in the morning to get your metabolism going and to keep you from being overly hungry later in the day. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to have the desire and motivation to eat a healthy breakfast.

Skipping Breakfast a
Recipe for Heart Disease

HealthDay News, July 22, 2013: Men who skip breakfast have a 27 percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack or developing heart disease than those who start the day with something in their stomach, according to a new study.

“Men who skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight, to develop diabetes, to have hypertension and to have high cholesterol.

For example, breakfast skippers are 15 percent more likely to gain a substantial amount of weight and 21 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, earlier studies have reported.

The new study, published July 22 in the journal Circulation, found that these men also indulged more heavily in other unhealthy lifestyle choices. They were more likely to smoke, engage in less exercise and drink alcohol.

The study also found a 55 percent increased risk of heart disease in men who regularly indulge in late-night snacking. However, the researchers did not consider this a public health risk because few men reported eating after they’d gone to bed.

The Harvard study found that men who skip breakfast do not pick up another meal later in the day, which indicates that they tend to “feast” on higher-calorie meals when they do eat. Previous studies have found that feasting can result in high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure, compared with nibbling smaller meals.

“It’s the extra strain on the body of eating more calories during the few times in a day they do eat,” he said.

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While this study did not include women, the author believes the same pattern likely occurs in women who skip breakfast. “There haven’t been any studies independently on women, but I would suspect we would find the same outcomes.”

“There is so much we know about reducing risk of heart disease, and some things like exercise or quitting smoking take quite a bit of effort. But it is easy without a big huge financial or time commitment to have breakfast, even if it is a bowl of oatmeal or a bit of cereal before you start the day.”

My most favorite breakfast is a blend of oatmeals and other grains that I mix together. I also love cold brown rice with fresh fruit and rice milk. Another favorite is to left over grilled potatoes that I heat in the oven. And of course, any of the whole grains in yesterday’s post would make an excellent breakfast!

You too can learn and use hypnosis for weight loss so that you have the desire to start each day with a healthy, hearty whole grain cereal or other starch.

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I choose to eat a hearty breakfast each and every morning.

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