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What are the monsters that you have made up in your imagination that hold you back from achieving your goals? Oh, come on, you have them – we all do. Part of being human is that our imagination runs wild and creates stories about how we can’t do something, or that we aren’t good enough. Sometimes the monsters we create are based on real past events like going on a diet, losing weight and gaining it all back again. But, today, in this moment, you can be your best and do it differently. Mindfulness hypnosis tools can help you unzip your monsters and achieve success in your life.

Green Dragon

At last the little boy clapped his hands and said, “Now we can have fun with all my treasures.” And so they did, but the best fun was playing dragon, and that remained one of their favorite games. Now the little boy was happy. He played with all his treasures and shared them with his friends, and he loved having his new friends. Soon word spread in the countryside about his marvelous treasures. More little girls and boys came because they heard of the wonderful toys, but best of all they heard about the dragon suit. They came to pretend with the dragon and to play the dragon game. Some children asked, “Where can I find a dragon suit for myself?” and they were told, “Why, you can make one up yourself.” And the little boy said, “I think I understand because I think I did make one up myself. What I didn’t know was that it has a zipper and the dragon suit can come off.” ~ Lee Wallas

Stories for the Third Ear:
Using Hypnotic Fables in Psychotherapy

It’s been my privilege and honor this year to have some time with the Bainbridge Island Boys Lacrosse club. I have taught these young men mindfulness hypnosis tools that they can use throughout their life for sports, academic performance, relationships, career and pretty much anything else that they set their mind to. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the State championship game. They did play their hearts out and they are in the top 4 of Washington State. I am so proud of them!

Learn hypnosis and unzip the monsters you’ve created in your life so that you can be your best.

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