Montreal Children’s Hospital uses medical hypnosis

I was so excited when I read that the Montreal Children’s Hospital uses Medical Hypnosis to reduce anxiety and pain with it’s patients.

It is thrilling to me that major medical institutions are using hypnotherapy with both children and adults. And, the results in all studies consistently support the use of and the benefits of hypnosis.

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Montreal Children's Hospital uses medical hypnosis to reduce anxiety, pain

The Canadian Press, December 5, 2019: ‘A Quebec hospital is touting the use of medical hypnosis after the results of a pilot project suggested it can reduce pain and anxiety in patients.’

The trial conducted at the Montreal Children’s Hospital also resulted in a reduction in the amount of medication administered to perform medical imaging procedures.

‘What we saw there floored us,’ L’Ecuyer said. ‘Examinations that we do under general anesthesia here are done there under hypnosis — it was very impressive.’

‘Patients don’t move. It works perfectly. It’s amazing,’ said Johanne L’Ecuyer, a medical imaging technologist at the hospital.”

Read: Montreal Children’s Hospital uses medical hypnosis to reduce anxiety, pain

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