A new study adds more evidence that cow’s milk proteins trigger type 1 diabetes. Marcia Goldfarb of Anatek-EP, a protein research laboratory in Portland, Maine, reports having found antibodies to bovine beta-lactoglobulin in the serum of children with diabetes. Individuals without diabetes did not have the antibody.

Type 1 diabetes is believed to be caused when antibodies destroy the insulin-producing pancreatic cells. Several studies have suggested that cow’s milk proteins may trigger the production of these dangerous antibodies. Larger studies are currently testing this theory.

Of course hypnotherapy can assist you in ending your desires for dairy products. Using self-hypnosis you can easily end your desires for milk and cheese and create desires to drink more water and crave foods that nourish your body. Hypnosis works!

For information about nutrition and health, I highly recommend Dr. John McDougall’s Total Health Solution and that you visit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and watch Powerful Weapon.

What are you doing to reduce dairy products from your life?

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I improve my health by changing how I eat.

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