Jean Enersen of Seattle’s KING 5 News has a great story about using complementary care for cancer prevention and recovery. Standard treatments for cancer include chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. But now more and more hospitals are also offering complementary care to their patients. This represents a big shift in philosophy, but is there enough science to back it up?

Research shows that massage can help with pain and anxiety. A 2006 study from Fred Hutchinson found that regular exercise can prevent colon cancer, at least in high risk men. And today those researchers are looking at the benefits of yoga for breast cancer survivors.

Fred Hutchinson is now recruiting women for a study to test the effectiveness of diet and exercise to prevent breast cancer. If you’ve had non-invasive breast cancer, you might still be eligible to participate.

Have you had experience with complimentary care? I’d love for you to share your story with me.

More and more studies are also showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for cancer prevention and cancer recovery. Hypnotherapy is non-invasive, safe and effective. Anyone can easily use self-hypnosis for their health and wellness.

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