Need and Motivation

For the past 19 years I have been writing about need and motivation. You may have the need to lose weight, but do you have the motivation? For me the motivation to lose weight and keep it off and my motivation to exercise is freedom of choice.

When I weighed 260 pounds, I didn’t have much motivation to do anything and I sure didn’t have much freedom in my life. I didn’t have the mental, emotional or physical energy to fully live my life and my body hurt too much to get off of the couch.

Today, I have the freedom in my life to easily be on the floor with a grandchild and get back up. I can get on my bike today and choose to ride, 20, 50 or even 100 miles without having to train. I can put on my backpack and go for a 20 mile hike in the Olympic mountains and be home for dinner. For me that’s real liberty and that is my motivation.

What’s your motivation?

65% of the people who lose weight put as much or more back on. They rebound. The reasons are many, but most people who lose weight aren’t committed to lifestyle change. They may lose weight for health or to look better, but they still want to comfort themselves with food. They still want to eat what they want to eat and lot’s of it. In other words, they want to do the same thing and expect different results.

So my question to you is what is it that is so compelling about being at your healthy ideal weight that makes stopping eating the foods that make you fat and sick worthwhile? What is it that is so compelling about being at your healthy ideal weight that makes getting of the couch worthwhile?

For me, motivation = freedom of choice. How about for you?

Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Imagine becoming Slender For Life™. Notice the “For Life“. That’s an important concept to remember. My weight loss hypnosis program is not about losing weight only to rebound. It truly is all about living the rest of your life, slender for life!

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You May Need to Lose Weight, But Do You Have The Motivation?

Need is defined as something that is essential or vital. In terms of weight control, a need to lose weight would include reasons related to health, relationships (when weight is affecting them), self-esteem, number of pounds overweight, etc. Motivation is defined as your incentive, desire or drive to take action to make a change. Regardless of the need to make a change, you may not have the motivation to accomplish the goal.

Motivation is the one essential ingredient to successful weight control. Motivation is stronger when fueled by a high need to lose weight. However, when the pounds drop off, so does the need to lose weight. This, in turn, may reduce or eliminate motivation to continue healthy eating habits.

Commitment may fade when a level of comfort is reached. I see this both with people who have large amounts of weight to release and people who have only 20 pounds to shed. A person who has 100 pounds to release may slim down 50 or 60 pounds and feel great. They feel the best they have in years. Their blood pressure is down, their blood sugar is down, they can get up off the floor. They feel great! And then the motivation to continue on disappears. They wonder how could life be any better than this. And before long, they stop doing the work as their attention has drifted to other matters.

Read You May Need to Lose Weight, But Do You Have The Motivation?

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I am creating freedom of choice.

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