Motivating overweight kids to exercise starts with their biggest role models: Dad and Mom. I have been talking and writing for several years now that childhood obesity is a family affair. Children do not become obese on their own. Someone brought the junk food into the house or drove them to the fast food restaurant. An overweight child cannot be isolated from other family members by having to eat differently. The entire family needs to show up and support overweight children with exercise and weight loss. You cannot expect one child to eat a salad while everyone else eats Mac ‘n’ Cheese. So, Mom and Dad, show up for your children and provide plant-based meals and be the parents, turn off the TV, shut down the video games and get your whole family outside and active. It can be fun! One thing that parents can do to support a healthy lifestyle for their family is to learn self-hypnosis. Why not give your kids the gift of a life-long tool like hypnosis?

Motivating the Overweight Child

WebMD August 19, 2011: Parents need to be setting a good example. Since exercise is not included in schools, children need to have planned exercise in their life. If they are not involved in youth sport or in an active lifestyle with their friends, then parents should insist on an hour each day of moderate to vigorous activity for both health and prevention of weight gain.

Another important reason to get the whole family involved is that obesity runs in families: Obese parents tend to have overweight children. For young children if one parent is obese the odds of the child being obese as an adult is threefold, whereas if both parents are obese the odds that that child will be obese as an adult increases to more than tenfold. Although the causes of obesity involve many factors, environment strongly influences the degree of overweight.

Kids’ activities need to be right for their age, size, and physical development.

  • Buy toys and gifts that promote physical activity.
  • Assign household chores such as yard work, washing the car, leaning house, and snow shoveling — which count as forms of exercise, too.
  • Encourage job-seeking kids to look for active jobs (bicycle messenger, paper carrier, lawn service).
  • Find fun, physically active ways to celebrate special occasions.
  • Add exercise to weekend plans (hike, fly a kite, swim).
  • Plan one special physical activity event each week for the whole family (walk, hike, bike).

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I recently had a Slender For Life™ client tell me that she taught her husband and teenage sons self-hypnosis. They use it before having family discussions and she said that “what used to be yelling matches are now calm discussions that produce consecutive results.” She also said that both of their sons use hypnosis for their school work and wanted to know why they had not been taught it in kindergarten.

Dad and Mom, make it your responsibility to learn hypnosis and teach it to your children. Use self-hypnosis to motivate yourself and your children to eat plant-based meals and to get off the couch and be active.

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I find fun, physically active ways to celebrate special occasions.

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