Physical movement (exercise) can help you keep weight off as you age. Sometimes People ask about weight loss hypnosis and want to know if they just show up for their hypnosis weight loss appointment will they magically lose weight. The simple answer to that is no. You still have to do your part. To lose weight you do have to eat healthy food and exercise. Self-hypnosis can make healthy eating and exercise easier but it will not replace those essential elements for weight loss. Slender For Life™ clients realize that they don’t have to gain weight with age. You can learn self-hypnosis and create that motivation for exercise and the desire to eat real food at any age. You are never too old to start exercising and eating healthy.

Move More, Gain Less Weight With Age

WebMD Health News, Dec. 14, 2010: Keep moving as a young adult and you will likely lessen the dreaded middle-age spread, according to a new study that focused on physical activity and weight gain over time. Young adults who maintained a high level of physical activity gained less weight in middle age.

It brings some more balance to the discussion about the obesity epidemic. Often, people zero in on food only. Here’s more evidence that physical activity clearly has a role in preventing weight gain. The optimal way to control weight is both through diet and physical activity.

Minimizing weight gain is just one reason to stay active with age. You are going to be able to get around easier if you stay active with age.

The study is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Read Move More, Gain Less Weight With Age

Slender For Life™ clients learn hypnosis for weight loss so that they are motivated to make the lifestyle changes that support weight loss. You too can learn weight loss hypnosis and create the desire and motivation for exercise and the desire and motivation for healthy eating. No matter how old you are, you can start exercising and eating healthy. My 88 year-old Mom is discovering the dramatic changes possible with eating real food, exercise and self-hypnosis. So don’t put it off any longer.

Learn hypnosis and make positive changes to your lifestyle.

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