The other day I wrote about Self-hypnosis and Your Woodpile and Saturday I spent most of the day moving wood. While on my bike ride Saturday morning I was thinking about that huge pile of wood and how I really needed to get home and start moving it. That got me to thinking about the stuff in my life that I don’t necessarily deal with, I just shuffle it from one pile to another. The stuff isn’t just the piles of books and papers on my desk – its the mental and emotional stuff that I have yet to take on. Fears, self-doubts, relationships, money …. As I pondered this cycling around the Island I also acknowledged myself for how far I have come and the changes I have made. Thanks to self-hypnosis I am able work through and heal issues in my life as I am ready to do so.

I am human and I still have issues –  stuff to heal. I chuckled as I thought of a session with a client on Friday. The woman said to me, “I heard you asking Do you have a pulse?” Is seems to me that as long as we have a pulse, as long as we are human, we have issues. I have never met a human that didn’t have stuff to heal. I just think it is part of the human condition and the opportunity is to acknowledge that we are not yet walking on water and while not make excuses for it, treat ourselves with grace, with compassion, with love.

Beating your self up for having opportunities for healing only adds to the pile. On Thursday I asked another client to leave her whip in my office – to stop beating herself up. I told her that she didn’t need her whip anymore and to just let go of it and leave it behind. In my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices, we use hypnotherapy for healing of issues – the stuff in the pile. Hypnosis can help you with the healing of stuff in your life too, stop moving it around. Learn self-hypnosis and heal the next piece of stuff in your life. Remember, treat yourself with grace, with compassion, with love. As long as you have a pulse, you will have more stuff to heal. So breathe, smile and pick up the next piece.

By the way, when I got home, I got the wheelbarrow and began picking up one or two pieces of wood at a time, filling the wheelbarrow, pushing it up to where it was to be stacked and one or two pieces at time put it in its place. Even Marilyn & Luna got in on it and it was actually almost fun! Luna had a blast finding pieces of wood chips to proudly carry around. We got about half done – a good 2 1/2 cords of wood.

Read Self-hypnosis and Your Woodpile.

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I breathe, smile and take on my next opportunity for healing.

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