MS,  resiliency and medical hypnosisWhen people living with MS learn medical hypnosis it helps them to develop their natural resiliency for healing.With self hypnosis you can control pain, and reduce the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

People living with MS and other autoimmune diseases come to Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore for help with fatigue management, loss of confidence, fear of being dependent, change in abilities and loss of identity, pain, sleeping problems, fear of the future, anxiety, deep relaxation and reduction of stress, urinary and bowel issues. Hypnotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis is not a cure for MS, but it can be a way of managing changes, both physical and how you feel as a person.

You too can enhance your ability to heal by changing your thoughts and changing your emotions with hypnosis.

Blindsided by Multiple Sclerosis

HuffPost Healthy Living, by Michelle Renee, September 25, 2012: I ended up absorbing tons of information and medical facts about MS. I learned that it affects 400,000 Americans, and more than 2 million people globally. I learned that it is an autoimmune disease that attacks and destroys the protective covering on the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, called myelin. I learned that when the damage is done to the actual nerve itself there is no way to repair it. I learned that most living with MS never have to use a wheelchair. They never become disabled from the disease. Onset typically occurs in the 20- to 50-year-old age group. Multiple sclerosis affects women much more frequently than men.

But there was something else happening inside of her that was as mysterious as the disease attacking her brain. It was her resiliency and ability to gain insight through it all that began to shine through. I began to see the years of resiliency developing habits and choices I had made as a single mom shine through in her character as she chose to stand tall and take one step forward at a time.

She told me once that she used to be on the other side of making remarks about people with disabilities. She wouldn’t be doing that anymore. She told me she thought she knew who her friends were before; now, she knows who they really are. She told me feeling sorry for herself would not heal her lesions, but focusing on her dreams would give her the strength she needed to be the best she could be. The lessons just kept on coming. She told me she would graduate with her class. She told me she would walk again. She told me she would still go to college. She did them all.

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Your resiliency for healing is natural. Health is the foundation of your being. Medical hypnosis can help you to enhance your resiliency for health and can help you to reduce the symptoms of MS.

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Medical Hypnosis

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