Do you think that you have to eat or drink lots of protein to build muscle? OK, so you are not a body builder, but are you concerned that you are not getting enough protein? Watch this video by Dr. John McDougall and get the real facts on protein. In my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices clients understand that according to the World Health Organization we only need 2.5% of our total calories from protein to be healthy. To be safe, the WHO doubled their recommendation to 5%. Eating only vegetables, whole grains and fruit will supply you with 12% to 15% protein. Unless you have had bariatric surgery or other medical condition, you do not have a protein deficiency. In fact, you should be concerned about excess protein. You can easily learn self hypnosis to improve your strength and your health.

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Clients frequently talk about having “some protein” with their lunch and dinner. (I of course smile and ask if they had oatmeal, peaches or lettuce – all excellent sources of protein). Did you know that the amount of protein found in avocados is richer than that found in cow’s milk? Did you know that the protein in an avocado is more useful than that found in cooked steak, because cooked protein is not available to your liver? Honestly, do you know someone who has a protein deficiency? Unless they have a medical condition like bariatric surgery, you probably don’t know anyone with a protein deficiency.

I recently had a weight loss consultation with someone who told me that he craved animal protein. By our second session he was correcting himself realizing that what he craved was fat. Thanks to self hypnosis, he easily ended cravings for fat and created healthy cravings for vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

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