Music and the human spirit

This short video, Music and the human spirit, touched my heart. You see, I’ve been helping people with hypnosis for dementia for many years. I’ve witnessed people in moments when they have had relief from dementia and depression. Hypnosis can help make that happen.

A study in England found that people living with dementia who had received hypnosis therapy showed an improvement in concentration, memory and socialization compared to the other two treatment groups. Relaxation, motivation and daily living activities also improved with the use of hypnosis. And, what really impressed me, is the improvements continued in a followup study 12 months after the hypnosis sessions had concluded.

If you or someone you love is living with dementia, hypnosis may be able to help you too. Call me and let’s talk. We can meet at Palm Desert Hypnosis or online worldwide with video conferencing.

Music and the human spirit

Reunited: A Short Film about Music and the Human Spirit

In this uplifting short film, directed by Max Thurlow and Nick Trumble, Noisey meets 93 year old jazz pianist Edward Hardy. Ed was given a new lease of life and relief from dementia and depression, when his care home discovered he was a talented pianist in his younger days. They reunited him with his ex-band members for a special performance, which proved the power of music for people suffering cognitive disorders.

This film is part of The Noisey Guide to Music and Mental Health.

Reunited: A Short Film about Music and the Human Spirit

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