Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas

Do young people have the ‘maturity’ to learn and study hypnosis? Nathan Thomas, a teenage hypnotist and rising leader in the field of hypnosis has proven the valuable role that teenagers can play.  The role of young hypnotists is a topic of discussion among many professional hypnotherapists and at many hypnosis schools.  I am honored that Nathan Thomas is sharing his thoughts and experience with the Hypnosis Health Info library.

“Compared to all the other things teenagers could be doing, learning about how to grow and understand their own mind and help others in the process is a pretty good thing. Let’s also be realistic and accept that if you were suffering from depression or if you needed help with a therapeutic issue, a 16 year old therapist would not be your first choice.

This, of course, should not stop young people engaging their minds and learning these skills. Provided they have a good understanding of safety protocol, and the common sense to avoid dangerous issues, then why not allow people to engage in their passion, regardless of their age?

The International Association For Teenage Hypnotists currently has over 2000 members worldwide. These are intelligent, inquisitive and decent young people who genuinely want to use their skills to help others and further our understanding of the human mind.

There are stories in my inbox from teenagers who, through hypnosis, have relieved their parents of 30 year smoking habits, helped shy kids gain confidence and self esteem, removed their friends exam nerves, taught others how to manage their minds and communicate effectively, and in general just grown into confident, caring and all round brilliant young adults.

Hypnosis is not the thing that today’s youth should be asked to avoid. If hypnosis, the way we view it, was taught in schools, the world would surely be a much better place indeed!” Read These Young Hypnotists Of Today…

Nathan Thomas age 17, is a self confessed teenage hypnotist. Help support the future of hypnosis at the International Association For Teenage Hypnotists. Join the forums and help share your knowledge and experience. You can also find Nathan at Keys To The Mind and contact him at:

This is the Passover, today is Easter Sunday and it is spring … a time of new beginnings. What a better way to celebrate new beginnings than honoring, encouraging and supporting our youth.

I have said on numerous occasions that I believe that children should be taught hypnosis in preschool and encouraged to use self-hypnosis all throughout their elementary, middle school and high school career. I was thrilled when my son Josh attended a Basic Hypnosis course as a teenager and I have encouraged other teens to learn hypnosis. Not only is hypnosis something that they can use for their own academic performance, sports performance and stress reduction, it is something that they can share with each other. Imagine teenagers actually having a tool that they can use to really support their friends … to me, that is a beautiful thing!

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Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy is in the process of creating a special hypnosis training for teenagers. If you know of a teen who would like to learn hypnosis, have them send me an email.

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Everyday I support and encourage a young person.

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