I found this interview with Nathaniel Dominy, PhD. about the true human diet to be totally fascinating. The human being is a “starchivore” according to anthropologist, Nathaniel Dominy, PhD. Starch-filled roots, tubers, and seeds are the reason for the success of human primates and this stored energy source accounts for our extraordinary brains. Nathaniel Dominy was one of the featured speakers at Dr. John McDougall’s advanced study weekend. Hypnosis can help you give up meat and easily adapt to our natural vegan diet.

Nathaniel Dominy PhD. and the
True Human Diet

There is a surge in brain size of early humans about 2 million years ago. Because there is not a very strong match between meat consumption and gradual increases in brain size, scientists have looked to other options and given that plant foods are of such importance to modern humans that hunt and gather foods the money is on plant foods and a shift in the kinds of plant foods as being a major driving factor in increasing brain size. I would say a mixture of plant foods with a large amount of starch coming from tubers and seeds; that’s the fundamental component of the human diet.

Behaviorally people are plastic and some people eat meat. Anatomically we are not adapted to meat at all. Our teeth are too big, our enamel is too thick, the cusp on our teeth are too short. We simply don’t have the adaptations you need to chew meet efficiently. ~ Nathaniel Dominy, PhD.

Nathaniel Dominy PhD. and the True Human Diet

So what happened?

There was a point in time where we just naturally ate healthy. During our cave dwelling past, food choices were limited, and our pleasure centers did not have a particularly challenging job. All they had to do was help us distinguish between a sweet, juicy ripe peach and one that was rock hard and unripened. But today, sugary, fatty, mouth-watering foods are everywhere, ready to bamboozle our senses and take us off course. Today, for some people, the pleasure center is open for business 24/7.

Chocolate, cheese, cookies and doughnuts all stimulate the same part of the brain that responds to heroin. It feels good and we want more. This strong compulsive quality is the basis of an addiction. Updated second edition of Becoming Slender For Life, page 16.

Using hypnosis can help you eat a natural vegan diet, lose weight and improve your health. If you are ready to change your life and improve your health, let me know.

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