Today through March 9 is National Sleep Awareness Week sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation. “Sleep is a necessity, but we treat it as a luxury,” said Jim Moss, a sleep researcher and professor at Cornell University in upstate New York. “75% of Americans experience  some form of insomnia 2 to 3 times per week. Either they can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep.”

Jim Moss makes another important point: “It’s not unusual to wake up several times per night. The trouble comes in not falling back asleep within 10 minutes.”

If you either can’t fall asleep at bedtime or can’t get back to sleep within the 10 minutes, that’s what researchers like Jim Moss define as insomnia. It’s transient insomnia if the sleep patterns lasts a few nights or maybe a week or two. If the sleeplessness lasts more than 3 weeks, then it is categorized as chronic Insomnia.

According to Dr. Ralph Pascualy of Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, “The average person has sleep problems for more than 5 years before seeking medical attention for it.”

Dr. Pascualy described several positive outcomes from a night’s sleep including:

  • Neutral circuits in the brain are rewired
  • Memory is consolidated and fortified
  • Short term memory moves to long-term memory
  • Growth hormone levels are restored
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Cells in your organs are strengthened by protein synthesis
  • Stress pattern is broken
  • Avoid physical & mental stress exhaustion
  • Easier to lose weight

Clients who have reported sleep dificulties to me have greatly benefitted from our hypnotherapy sessions and from using my hypnosis CD Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. So far, 100 people have used Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and 98% have reported that they are sleeping soundly through the night, waking in the morning feeling relaxed and refreshed from restorative sleep. (The 2% have both said that they have not consistently used the CD and so their sleep has not been consistent. When they used it they admitted that Sleep, Sleep, Sleep worked for them.) All of these clients know self-hypnosis and many are now finding that they can simply use hypnosis and quickly fall to sleep with out the Sleep, Sleep, Sleep CD.

I don’t think that Beetle Bailey will ever have to worry about not being able to fall to sleep.