Yesterday I talked about that Words Really Do Hurt so it seems fitting today to talk about how a Negative Outlook Prolongs Back Pain. I know that with self-hypnosis you can change your outlook and change the words that you use and that hypnotherapy works for chronic pain. In my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge Island hypnosis and Forks hypnosis offices you can learn hypnosis and discover the power of hypnosis pain management.

Here is part of what WebMD Health News had to say on April 6, 2010:

Negative Outlook Prolongs Back Pain
Avoiding Physical Activity Out of Fear, Apprehension May Worsen Low Back Pain

People who have low back pain may be at increased risk for persistent or disabling symptoms if fear of further injury causes them to avoid physical activity, a new study says. The researchers say that some patients tend to have “excessively negative thoughts and statements about the future,” which allows them to rationalize reasons to avoid physical activity or ignore the recommendations of their doctors. Read Negative Outlook Prolongs Back Pain.

If you suffer from back pain, chronic pain, or just have a negative outlook on life, then consider hypnotherapy. As I said, I know that with self-hypnosis you can create a positive outlook on life. If you missed yesterday’s post, read Words Really Do Hurt, now. Change your outlook – learn hypnosis.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

No matter what, I find the joy in life.

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