Nestlé Ditches Lunch Meat

According to VegNews, Nestlé Ditches Lunch Meat Line to Focus on Vegan Food. As awesome as it is that Nestlé will no longer be selling cancer causing lunch meat, it’s shift to plant-based food meat alternatives is concerning.

Nestlé won’t be selling whole grains, vegetables and fruit. No – they will be selling fake meat products like the Incredible Burger to compete with the Impossible & Beyond Burgers.

Just last week on February 18, in the post, Beef industry makes you fat and sick, I shared Jeff Novick’s and Dr. John McDougall’s thoughts on these new beef alternatives. These meat alternatives are not healthy and will not support you in your weight loss.

I encourage you to read Beyond Meat or Beyond Health?

Nestlé Ditches Lunch Meat

Making homemade Black Bean and Lentil Burgers
is really quite easy

Nestlé Ditches Lunch Meat Line to Focus on Vegan Food

The food conglomerate plans to sell off its deli meat brand Herta to support its plant-based holdings such as Sweet Earth.

Read Nestlé Ditches Lunch Meat Line to Focus on Vegan Food

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