In this video Dr. Michael Gregor tells us about the neurobiology of artificial sweeteners. Noncaloric sweeteners trick the brain into consuming more but doesn’t tell us when we’ve eaten enough calories. Clients at the Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis offices of Slender For Life™ learn hypnosis for weight loss so that they can end their desires for foods that make them fat and sick and create healthy desires for foods that promote a healthy slender body.

I have two challenges for you today: 1.) Read every label of every product you consume. Does it contain artificial sweeteners? 2.) Consume nothing today that contains artificial sweeteners or any sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn sugar) for the day. (Real fruit is OK for this challenge).

Neurobiology of artificial sweeteners

Other than “overcompensation for expected caloric reduction,” there are two other ways that the most nontoxic noncaloric sweetener could still be harmful if we’re not careful. When our brain registers the sensation of sweetness on our tongue, it has millions of years of evolution telling it we just put a piece of fruit in our mouth and so your brain yells eat it, and boosts our appetite, because the only naturally sweet things on the planet are super healthy, right? Fruit, sweet potatoes, beets. You drink a can of diet soda and your brain thinks you just stumbled across a wild blueberry bush or something, and sends urgent signals to consume consume, consume, before someone else gets wind of your bounty. Now your body’s not stupid. It knows if you eat too many calories of any food you might get fat and not be able outrun run some saber tooth tiger so there are signals that come up from our gut when we absorb calories into our system telling us eventually to slow down, we’ve had enough. But with noncaloric sweeteners we have a disconnect. We just have the appetite boosting effects on our brain of the sweet nerve sensations from our tongue, but without the appetite suppressing effects of the calories coming into our system and so this revved up appetite may lead us to overeat more than we would have without the diet soda and end up gaining weight.

Read Neurobiology of artificial sweeteners

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Real food, vegetables, whole grains and fruit contain no artificial sweeteners. Neither does water.

OK – here is a third challenge for you today: Drink only water (no soda, coffee, tea, milk, alcohol). As you sip the water, take a moment to be mindful. Notice the taste of the water…… Is it cold? …. Room temperature? …..  Hot? …. Allow the water to swish around in your mouth. ….. As you swallow, feel a wave of comfort and relaxation flow through you.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

For today, I only drink water and only eat vegetables,
whole grains and fruit.

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