Hypnosis for swimming

Several times a year I am asked to teach a swimmer hypnosis for swimming. I always sure to talk about neuroplasticity and in particular Mental Rehearsal.

You may have thought my Greatest Expression of You process was about health, wellness and mental and emotional well-being. Nope, it’s applicable to all aspects of your life.

If you are a swimmer, I’m happy to teach you hypnosis for swimming. I also offer hypnosis help for golf, lacrosse, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, cycling, running, and most any other sport.

To find out more, call me at 760-219-8079 or email me. No matter where you may live, we can create a hypnosis program for you. You can be at home, your office, hotel, RV, the beach or wherever you may be. And, if you are in Palm Desert, I’d be happy to meet with you in my new office there.

Hypnosis for swimming

Using Neuroscience to Train Smarter, Not Harder

“…it is the activation of the neural circuits that creates the neuroplasticity required for a skill to be honed. The muscle fibers themselves have very little to do with the acquisition of such skills and thus do not necessarily need to be activated to do so. With that being said, simply mentally rehearsing your desired skill set can be just as effective as physically performing it. Furthermore, the lack of true physical action eliminates the component of fatigue disrupting the ability to maintain proper technique. I’m not saying to completely replace active technique work in lieu of mental visualization practices. But by incorporating mental rehearsal into your daily training regimen you can efficiently strengthen the neuronal circuitry to make the technical changes you desire.”

Read Using Neuroscience to Train Smarter, Not Harder

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