Paper in May’s Nutrition Reviews Has Strong Implications for Dairy Industry’s Multimillion-Dollar Ad Campaign

WASHINGTON—A new scientific review in May’s peer-reviewed journal Nutrition Reviews shows that people who consume dairy products are likely to gain weight or show no effect in terms of body weight or body fat. Two large observational studies led by Harvard researchers, one including 12,829 adolescents and the other involving more than 19,000 adult men, found that dairy consumption is linked to weight gain. Of the 49 randomized controlled studies analyzed for this review, two showed weight gain, and most of the studies, 41, showed no effect. The only studies showing weight loss were led by industry-funded researchers. 

“A thorough analysis of the scientific literature shows that dairy industry claims about weight loss have no factual basis,” says Amy Joy Lanou, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and the lead author of the new paper. “Consumers who see ads featuring slim celebrities and add dairy to their diets in hopes of losing weight are likely to gain weight instead. Even children who consume low-fat milk are at risk for unhealthy weight gain.” For more on this important study go here.

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Has your family cut back on its use of dairy products? Let me know what you are doing for dairy substitutes and let me know any challenges you are having in reducing your families consumption of dairy.

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