So what New Year’s Resolutions did you make for 2013? Or, have you given up on even making them because you weren’t successful last year? Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more or something else, self hypnosis can help you with your success. People at my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices know that you can make positive changes with hypnosis in your life and achieve your goals. With self hypnosis you can make radical changes in your life and obtain radical results. Email me so that you too can learn hypnosis.


This Year, Make a New Year’s
Resolution Resolution

USNews Health, December 12, 2012: So how many folks achieve what they set out to accomplish each year? According to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the average, self-reported success rate for people in their 20s is a fair 39 percent, while folks over 50 apparently struggle a great deal more and only follow through on resolutions 14 percent of the time.

Looking at weight specifically, don’t forget that the more weight you’d like to permanently lose, the more of your life you’ll need to permanently change, and trying to adopt changes you don’t honestly enjoy is a surefire way to guarantee that those changes won’t stick.

This year I want you to analyze each prospective resolution by asking yourself, “Can I happily keep living with this change?” If you can’t, you probably won’t.

This year, make a resolution resolution to actually like your prospective resolutions.

Read This Year, Make a New Year’s Resolution Resolution

Are you ready to permanently lose weight? If so, then make permanent changes in your life with self hypnosis. With hypnosis you can make positive changes in your life. According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, “research into cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments established that weight loss is greater where hypnosis is utilized. It was also established that the benefits of hypnosis increase over time.” Hypnosis weight loss can really help you lose weight.

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I’m making permanent changes in my life.

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