Dr. Faysal Hasan of the North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts, conducted a  study to compare the effectiveness of different methods to stop smoking. The study involved 67 participants who had been admitted to the hospital  following the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or respiratory disease. All had expressed their desire to stop smoking.

They were divided into four groups using these methods:

  1. Stop Smoking hypnosis sessions
  2. Stop Smoking hypnosis sessions plus nicotine substitutes
  3. Nicotine substitutes only
  4. No hypnotherapy or nicotine substitutes

Six months after leaving the hospital, 50% of the patients in the stop smoking hypnosis group and the stop smoking hypnosis plus nicotine substitutes had not gone back to smoking. 25% of the nicotine substitute only group were still not smoking and only 16% of the group who had just “quit smoking.”

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