Did you read The Duplex on December 30th? Seems like everybody’s making New Year’s Resolutions! The papers and TV are filled with advice on how to make and keep those promises to yourself. Let me tell you about one of my clients who made a resolution and kept it.


Carol, a sixty-three year old retired school teacher lost 44 pounds with the Slender For Life™ hypnotic weight-loss program. She says that she was in denial about how over weight she was. Out of control, addicted to sugar, salt and caffeine and just couldn’t say “no”.

She saw the ad for Slender For Life™ in the paper and thought hypnosis would work for her. She called and set up a no-charge and no-obligation consultation. The fee is affordable and well worth it. In the very first session she easily relaxed and the cravings for the most dangerous, awful things she was eating just disappeared. She never gave them another thought.

Before Slender For Life™ she was so sedentary but now loves to exercise. Carol takes cycling, step and body power classes and loves to go for walks. The biggest gain for her is her improved health. She is so much stronger and healthier. She could hardly go up the stairs and now bounds up them. It’s even easier to get in and out of the bath tub. Thanks to hypnosis I am off my headache medication and I’m calm and relaxed, nothing gets to me.

Carol says that “in the past I would diet and then go back to my old habits. My weight loss was absolutely easy and effortless with none of the old things that go with a diet. No packaged diet meals and no supplements. This is life long. My body tells me what I need. I am not hungry and the cravings are gone.

Thanks to Slender For Life™ I’m now in control. I eat healthy and I have more confidence. I am motivated to give care to myself, I have more energy and I am comfortable in a bathing suit. I highly recommend Slender For Life™ .”

Thanks Carol! I love to witness transformations like Carol’s. That is one of the joys for me in using hypnosis for weight loss. I used to be about 110# overweight and I lost the weightand have kept it off with self-hypnosis for over 13 years. Hypnotherapy can work for you too.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight, then check out Slender For Life™ and hypnosis.

If you are going out tonight, be safe. Have a designated driver, call a cab or spend the night. Have a happy, healthy, abundant, peaceful and love filled New Year!