The news from Seattle hypnosis is that I just read that fish and fish oil have been linked to type-2 diabetes. I know the importance of managing health with food and hypnosis is the perfect vehicle for being in control of what you eat and how much you eat. Anyone can easily learn how to hypnotize themselves with the self-hypnosis tools and resources available here at Hypnosis Health Info. Whether you use weight loss hypnosis or use hypnotherapy for sports, academics, managing stress or other health and wellness issues, hypnosis healing is powerful. Discover this for yourself with a free hypnosis consultation and get your hypnosis download.

A Breaking Medical News posted August 14, 2009, by the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, reports that “a new Harvard study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition links fish and omega-3 oil consumption to type 2 diabetes. Following 195,204 adults for 14 to18 years, researchers found that the more fish or omega-3 fatty acids participants consumed, the higher their risk of developing diabetes. The risk increase was modest for occasional fish eaters, but rose to a 22 percent increased risk for women consuming five or more fish servings per week.

Prior studies have suggested that fat accumulation within muscle cells can lead to insulin resistance which, in turn, contributes to diabetes. People who eat no animal products have less fat in their cells and much less risk of developing diabetes. A low-fat vegan diet has been shown to improve type 2 diabetes.” Read the Breaking Medical News report.

Do you think it would be hard to be a vegan? It’s really not. I do support a flexitarian approach that takes the rigidity off of the food choices. By that i mean, if I am at a friends for dinner and they serve fish, then I eat a small portion of it. But, most of my food is vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Still not sure? Then, learn how to hypnotize yourself. Hypnosis can make it so much easier to be in control of your food choices.

The Light Switch self-hypnosis technique allow you to easily use hypnotherapy. Have you thought about weight loss hypnosis? What about using self-hypnosis for sports, academics, managing stress or other health and wellness issues? At Hypnosis Health Info, you can discover the power of hypnosis healing.

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I eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit because my health is most important.

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